Transferring from retail fund to an SMSF:

Most retail funds will have a “Benefit Rollover Request” form on their website which can be used to request a rollout of funds. You are able to rollover the full balance from your retail fund or a partial amount if you would like to keep the retail fund open.

The retail fund will issue a cheque made out to your SMSF to be deposited into its bank account. You will also receive a rollover benefits statement detailing the breakdown of the funds rolled out which will need to be provided to your tax professional.

Transferring between retail funds / consolidating super accounts:

The easiest way to consolidate between multiple retail accounts is through You will need to setup a account and link the ATO to it. Once this is completed you can use the find my super feature and request balances be transferred between funds.

Transferring from an SMSF to a retail Super Fund:

A rollover benefits statement can be prepared and sent to a retail fund. Further instructions and also be found here (ATO: NAT 70944-03.2013).